An analysis of Marvel et al:  Implications for climate sensitivity from the response to individual forcings (2015: Nature Climate Change) that I have prepared is available here. A summary is available here. A spreadsheet containing all relevant data and calculations is available here.

Update 31 January 2016: a compilation of processed annual global surface temperature T and TOA radiative imbalance N for the GISS-E2-R runs used in Marvel et al, extending back to 1850, is available as a Excel .xlsx file here. This extends the T data back by 50 years, to the start of the simulations, from that used in Marvel et al., and gives TOA radaitive imbalance data, which is more appropriate for use in Marvel et al. than the ocean heat content data used there.

An update to my original appraisal, further analysing two problems concerning land use change forcing, is available here.

A further article, a detailed response to a 9 February 2016 article by Gavin Schmidt at RealClimate responding to my original appraisal of Marvel et al., is available here.