An extended comment on the July 2013 report by the UK Met Office titled “The recent pause in global warming (3): What are the implications for projections of future warming?” ( available here) is here: MetOffice_response2g

On 24 September 2013 the Met Office chief scientist, Julia Slingo, responded to the above document. A copy of her response letter is here:Response to your comments on Met Office July Reports.

A document commenting on Dr Slingo’s letter of 24 September is available here: Slingo letter comments

On 26 September Julia Slingo responded with this letter, inviting me to visit the Met Office to discuss the scientific issues: Julia Slingo 26Sep13 letter to Mr Lewis. I have sent her a friendly reply, thanking her for her thoughtful offer and accepting her invitation. Julia Slingo has encouraged me to make this exchange public.